Mission Sapne Season 2: Meet acid attack survivor Sonia who dreams of becoming a famous beautician!
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Having to start one’s life from scratch requires a lot of strength and it’s even tougher when that choice is thrown upon you at a young age. Meet Sonia Chaudhury, and acid attack survivor whose entire life came crumbling down when a neighbor threw acid on her face while she was returning from work. She was all of 19-years-old when the tragedy struck her. Who would have known that a sheer act of revenge could turn Sonia’s life upside down?

It all started when Sonia was sold a stolen phone by her neighbor. When the police came looking for the phone, Sonia revealed that the phone was sold to her by her neighbor which led to his arrest. Angered and outraged by Sonia’s actions he demanded for Sonia’s apology and when she didn’t, he thought the best way to get back at her was by ruining her identity. After spending three months in the hospital, Sonia did manage to recover but the acid burns left her entire face disfigured.

An accident as big this has definitely changed her outer appearance but hasn’t dampened her spirit. She chooses not to recall the horror and wants to move ahead in life. An aspiring beautician, Sonia runs a small beauty parlor from her home and hopes to become a famous beautician someday. Sonia stays with her mother, brother, sister and her sister’s daughter (who she has adopted) and supports them with the income that she earns by running the parlor. Apart from supporting her family, Sonia also is associated with an organization that works for the welfare of acid victims. A hero indeed! Sonia’s fight to stay independent and self reliant is what sets her apart.

Don’t forget to catch Sonia’s journey from a victim to a survivor on this Sunday episode of Mission Sapne 2 with Sania Mirza.

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