Mission Sapne 2: Take a peek into the life of Bhanu and Bhavna this week
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It is very important to dream for it is only that which has the power to set us free.

The sun shining through the window which wakes us from our slumber each day is an indication of a new beginning. We jump out of our beds and get dressed and get our day started hoping to reach one step closer to the aspirations that we behold in our eyes. It’s the very nature of ours to accomplish and achieve that has given flight to our desires, and these traits however nascent or small, each and every one of us who walks the face of the Earth carries within.

Bhanu and his wife are two such people who amidst great travesties haven’t lost hope in life and aspire each day to give their 13-year-old daughter what they only dreamed to achieve. Despite being partially blind, the two of them sell books to give their daughter the education, she deserves and keep the stove burning in their house. The two who started off selling books in the local train were forced to shift  to the Mira Road bridge after the police started harassing them. Their income from selling the books is around Rs. 6000 per month while the purchase of it alone costs them around Rs.800. Out of their monthly earnings, the two spend Rs.500 on their daughter, Bhavna’s tuitions while Rs.5000 goes into their household expenses. Like all parents, they hope to fulfill their daughter’s dream of becoming an IPS officer and hope that through the show Mission Sapne they will help her achieve her dreams.

Bhanu and his wife strive to live their life through their daughter’s eyes and struggle  each day without any financial support from their families.

Come be a part of Bhanu and Bhavna’s journey on Mission Sapne 2 this Sunday with Parineeti Chopra

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