Mission Sapne 2: Meet Ramakant for whom Arjun Kapoor turned shoe shiner for a day
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We are so engrossed in our daily lives that we don’t even have the time to look around once. We are so caught up with the mundane things in life that we miss out on the simplest and the most beautiful experiences that life has to offer. How many times have we taken the same route, and thought to ourselves each time that the place has somehow changed whereas it has remained the same and we didn’t just pay enough attention towards it.

With stars in their eyes and passion in their bellies, thousands of people across the country come to the city of dreams, Mumbai to fulfill their dreams. Every day is a fight and it’s only the hope that keeps the fire burning in their hearts. We pass them everywhere, and yet fail to recognize them, for we are too entangled in our own small little life.

Ramakant Praful Patil or Rahul, as he likes to be called has been sitting at the Andheri station for the past 22 years polishing shoes. His story is the kind that would bring tears to your eyes. After his mother passed away, his father re-married but to his dismay, the marriage only brought troubles for the little Ramakant. His step-mother would ill treat the 7-year-old Ramakant, feed him left overs, make him sweep the floor, wash clothes and do the other household chores and if he ever dared to complain to his father, she would beat him up.

Finally, unable to bear the torture at the hands of his step-mother, Ramakant fled from his home in Raigad and landed in Mumbai. He started off by selling newspapers at the Vile Parle station and later took up shoe shining as it helped him stay stationed at one place.

Life has been a little rickety for Ramakant from day one. Mid way through his polio vaccinations, Ramakant’s mother passed away leaving him polio-stricken.

Despite living through such a lot of odds, Ramakant has lived his life with his head held high. He didn’t succumb to the temptation of drugs like most runaway kids do; his hard work and perseverance is what has gotten him so far in life.

Today, a father of two, Ramakant strives for his children’s education and sometimes even goes without meals in order to save money for their education. Once in a while when he gets too hungry, he eats a plate of dal-vada that costs him Rs 7 for the entire day.

There is nothing that parents want more for their kids than their happiness and a secure future. Ramakant hopes that through the show Mission Sapne, he will be able to educate his children and buy a small room for himself.

Catch this week of Mission Sapne 2 on Sunday at 11 AM and see how Arjun Kapoor helped Ramakant fulfill his dreams.

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