Mission Sapne 2 : Meet Raju Khirade, a HIV positive patient who hopes to live an honorable life in society
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With the world becoming a smaller place with each passing day and technology is increasing at a rapid pace, there are some things that even the best minds in the world cannot find a cure for, one of those being HIV AIDS. The lack of awareness about the disease has rendered many throughout the country as untouchables due to the underlying fear of disease transmission by mere body contact. Here’s the story of one such couple who has been outcast by their own family and society out of fear of contracting the disease. Life took a turn for the worse when 35-year-old Raju Khirade’s wife Yogita was diagnosed to be HIV positive over 12 years ago. Following the revelation when Raju tested for the disease, the results came out to be positive too. They have two children-Rohit and Chetan who are currently studying but unfortunately one of their sons Chetan too is HIV+. The stigma around this disease is so much so that their lives have been affected in ways in which one cannot even possibly imagine. Raju and his family have had to change homes several times owing to the disease and financial reasons. As if it isn’t enough that Raju has to fend for himself after his family alienated him, that he has to even lie that he suffers from kidney stones to live a respectable life in society. His only wish now is that people understand the ailment better and empathize towards him and his family so they too can go on to live an honorable and respectable life in society. Coming to alleviate some of Raju’s financial woes is Sonu Nigam who will be seen turning into a puja samagri seller for an entire day near Pune’s Omkareshwar temple. Catch Sonu in action this Sunday at 11 am only on Mission Sapne Season 2.

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