Mission Sapne 2: Jimmy Shergill turns into a halwai for a day to fulfill Rishu’s boxing dreams!
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Life can be a little daunting sometimes but for some it can get painstaking on a daily basis. What we take for granted, for most it might just seem like a distant dream.

Being a sole breadwinner in her family, Rishu also dreams of making it big in life. Boxing is her passion but due to lack of resources and finances, Rishu had to leave her ambition and take up a job as a maid in a nearby household in Haryana. Tragedy has been a part of her life since the word go. Her mother left her brother and her to fend for themselves soon after their father passed away when she was just a little child. With such a lot of burden on her shoulders and the responsibility of taking care of her brother, Rishu now hardly gets the time to pursue her love for boxing.

The moment you look at Rishu, you won’t be able to make out all the hardships that life has bestowed upon her. An epitome of determination, Rishu’s one and only dream is to become a national boxing champion someday. As Rishu beholds the vision for her tomorrow, the warm hearted and kind actor Jimmy Shergill steps up to make her dreams come true.

Catch Mission Sapne 2 this Sunday and see how Jimmy Shergill turns into a halwai to make the impossible, possible for Rishu.

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