‘Mission BB 11’ task is extremely decisive on Bigg Boss 11, read to know why!
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  • November 7, 2017
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Tonight’s luxury budget task called ‘Mission BB 11’ is extremely decisive. As per the task letter the Bigg Boss house will turn into a space wherein the housemates will play astronauts.






The task’s overall performance will not only affect next captaincy but also the final winning prize amount of the season.






As per task rules the astronauts will be sitting inside the rocket placed in the garden area. The actual prize amount for season’s winner is 50,00000 INR. To ensure the amount remains the same, all the astronauts will have to be seated inside the rocket till the end of the task. Each housemate has a certain amount attached against his/her name out of these 50,00000 rupees. The sealed envelopes kept in the garden area have the exact figures of the amount on the name of each housemate.






As per the task, at different intervals there would be a sound of takeoff tone which would allow one astronaut to leave the rocket and be out of the task. This would although lead him or her to become one of the contenders for the next captaincy but the attached amount on his/her name would get deducted from the show’s winner’s prize amount.






Sounds really interesting!


Stay tuned for tonight’s episode!

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