Minissha Lamba’s Au Revoir to the Bigg Boss House
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Full of practicality, compassion and rationality, Minissha came across as one of the most competitive contestant of this season.  Even though she had made a closed knit group inside the house with Karishma, Diandra, and Aarya; Minissha always stood up for what she felt was right.

Minissha, was one of the few people in the house who went through an emotional turmoil during a heated argument with Aarya leading to a personal issue. But it was  commendable to see her rise  up with flying colours and taking a stand to  not let her dignity shudder because of the incident.

Minissha was constantly on the nomination radar and dealt with eviction fear almost every week. However, her eviction from the house was a dramatic one, where she along with Puneet was put up in the Secret Society room. The two were privileged witness the reactions of their co contestants on their exit.. However, Puneet got a chance to go back into the house while Minissha had to say her goodbye. While watching the live feed, Minissha was touched looking at Diandra who broke down remembering Minissha. Be it performing in tasks or otherwise, Minissha always used her logical reasoning and was never insensitive in her behavior towards others.. She understood every circumstance in the house remaining optimistic throughout.

One such example is when Minissha was seen giving her hundred percent during the phone booth task   last week, where she had to literally go into  garbage bin looking for a cue card to save Puneet. Knowing fully well that Puneet is the one housemate who had constantly kept an eye on her and had nominated her every time, Minissha did not think twice before doing a very courageous task for him. Minissha was always seen giving her best. But now that she is gone, it will be interesting to see how it has affected other housemates. Leaving a mark in the form of a ‘Big Bomb’ provided to her, she did change circumstances for one of the existing contestant she has left behind in the house.

Minissha  relieved Pritam, Puneet and Gautam from being the daas of the house, and replaced them with Sushant. What will be the after effects of this explosion  we will have to wait and watch.

 However we wish Minissha all the luck…The Bigg Boss house will miss her!

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