Mini’s game over?
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  • November 9, 2020
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Tonight on Barrister Babu, Anirudh decorates the study with a lot of diyas for he is about to bring Mini there to sit with him. Owing to a comfortable set up, he makes Mini feel comfortable by talking about all the romantic deeds. These, however, are in disguise as he is on a mission to to unveil Mini’s wickedness. Eventually, he executes his plan which shocks Mini. Forgetting about her blind act, Mini catches up to her real self, exposing to everyone the facts proving that she ain’t blind. Just then, Trilochan enters and starts clapping as everyone is surprised to see him walking and perfectly fit. The puts an end to all the drama that’s happening. Trilochan, who is super annoyed slaps Mini thrice for her evil deeds. Anirudh finally throws her out of Roy Chaudhary mansion and announces to severe all ties with her.

Insulted and annoyed Mini who has just been exposed breaks the walking stick and pledges to put down RC’s in days to come. Later, we learn that Bondita is unhappy as Anirudh has hidden the news of Trilochan being okay from her. Trilochan comes into the picture, making Bondita understand that she has served well to her kakasasur and now he is aware of the warmth and caring nature of Bondita. Going forward, Bondita learns how Ganeshji circled around his parent and represented it as a voyage around the world. She quickly rushes to Anirudh and starts circling around him. Later, she states that it is him who has fought for her and stood by her side, and apart from him, only Sumati has protected her. How will Anirudh react to this?

Tune in to Barrister Babu tonight at 8:30 pm to find out more.

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