Meher doesn’t spare Tarkash! #ChotiSarrdaarni
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  • Nupur Jetly
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  • January 6, 2021
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  • 2:23 pm

Last night on Choti Sarrdaarni, Aarti tells meher that she fell in the bathroom because of which she hit her forehead against the washbasin. Post this event, Sarab and Meher got into an argument again because of this topic. Meher tried to make Jagga understand why Amrita must work for her mother and brother. Jagga eventually understood and promised to support her every time. Tarkash was then heard telling Aarti to make some excuse and go home with him, however, Harleen stopped them as the function was about to begin and it was a Qawali competition!

The competition commences tonight between Sarab and Meher, but there’s still rising tension between the two. Meher is constantly thinking of ways to unmask Tarkash. The competition is on and everyone is engrossed. It ends with the lights going out and everyone wishing happy new year to each other. Going forward, Param shows Meher a recording taken by him. This angers Meher as she sees Tarkash hitting his wife. She slaps Tarkash and everybody is shocked. Sarab is furious. Meher reveals the truth about Tarkash hitting his wife. In fact, he has also started hitting his daughter. Tarkash acts innocent and tells Aarti to speak the truth. Aarti lies and says that she has never met Meher and everything she’s saying is not true. Meher is shocked and she tells Arti that her daughter is more courageous than her as she has revealed the truth already. Meher plays a video on the projector and we see Ritu revealing that her father hits her mother.

What happens next? Stay tuned to Choti Sarrdaarni to know more.

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