Mehar is on a mission!
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  • Nupur Jetly
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  • November 6, 2019
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  • 9:44 am

Tonight, on Choti Sarrdaarni, Mehar makes up a reason for having to go somewhere for work and leaves. At home, Sarab starts painting and tells Param that Mehar will come back and join. Kulwant Kaur receives another envelope with a code that she is supposed to say when she goes to meet the kidnapper to hand over the money. She also doubts Bittu as he seems quiet after the Jeeto situation.

Back at home, Param is continuously getting distracted and is not ready to draw or paint. Sarab is getting curious about Mehar and is wondering about her whereabouts. Nani takes Param to her room to show her video games on her laptop and ends up tempting him by showing him videos of London. Sarab notices this and gets jealous and tells him he is going to buy colours and paintbrushes, after that they will have to sit on drawing and painting lessons.


Mehar, on the other hand, dresses up as Sardar Happy Singh to extract money from Kulwant Kaur. She bumps into Sarab who offers to drop him to his destination. He shares his concerns about Param with Happy Singh and he advises Sarab to start painting in front of Param in order to make him join him. Will this advice work? Will Happy Singh a.k.a succeed in his mission?

Tune in to Choti Sarrdaarni tonight at 7:30 pm sharp!

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