Meghana warns Naina to stay away from Karan on Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan
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The story on Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan is taking a serious turn now.  In the last few episodes we saw how Meghana’s fear is overpowering her, to an extent that she asks Naina to not step inside Karan’s room. Naina feels completely shocked at this and heartbroken. In the meanwhile Meghana herself serves the food to Karan.


Meghana tells Karan that he should be responsible and not allow Naina to be near him. Karan agrees to everything that Meghana says and blames himself for everything that Naina had to go through because of him. Meghana says she has nothing against Karan but she only is concerned about her sister’s future. All of this is heard by Sandhya.






On the other hand Naina seeks support of Kunal and tells him to make her sister understand that she can’t stay away from her husband. Naina says she believes in commitment and wouldn’t leave Karan like that. Kunal understands the whole matter and reaches out to Meghana.


Kunal tells Meghana that Naina is wise and understanding, and few things between the couples should be just treated as their personal matters. He also tells her that even he is to be blamed that he didn’t know about the situation before Karan and Naina got married but now things need to be taken care of wisely.






Through all these incidents, do you think Meghana is acting selfish?


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