Megha wants her son Addu to be punished! Na Bole Tum-2 Recap 10th-16th July
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During Mohan’s bail application hearing, Megha brought in Munna to show that Mohan hadn’r kidnapped or tortured him, and Munna immediately shoed his bond with Mohan by hugging him and wanting to be with him. Munna’s grandmother also testified in favour of Mohan, which was a reief to the family. (Watch as Munna helps Mohan)

On the other hand, Addu tried stopping Nanhi from presenting the asylum doctor for the hearing by pulling a gun at her, but Beera stopped him and the two had a fight. (Watch the fight here

The doctor reached on time, and his testimony was enough to get bail for Mohan. Megha, Nanhi and Tanu were very happy about this, but the family was very sad when Munna had to leave with this grandmother, and they bid a tearful farewell to Munna. (Watch the emotional goodbye here)

When Daddaji returned, Addu and Beera had an argument when Beera accused Addu of going back on Daddaji’s promise of bailing out Mohan. Beera was shocked when Addu revealed that Daadji was the kingpin of the child kidnapping racket, and that even he had been kidnapped. (Watch Beera’s reaction here)

When Beera recovered from the shock, he warned Daddaji that he would not let him continue with the business, and that he would put an end to it. Beera tried to leave with Ragini  but she refused to come because of her loyalty to Addu. 

Back in juna mohalla, reporters accused Mohan of having adopted Rimjhim illegally and treating her like a slave. Rimjhim was in tears when the reporters grilled her about being adopted by Mohan, and when the rest of the family failed to cal, down the reporters, Beera stepped in and shooed off the reporters. (Watch as Rimjhim and Mohan are troubled by the accusations)

Addu called Mohan and taunted him about the situation, but Megha replied to his taunts and called him a bad loser. Rimjhim was upset over Mohan lying to her, and even when Mohan told her a story about her being special for him, she refused to believe him. (Watch as Rimjhim refuses to forgive Mohan)

Beera started his campaign against Daddaji as he exposed Daddaji’s child kidnapping racket to the media and took the police to Daddaji’s house to get him arrested, but Addu managed to escape. Daddaji was livid at being arrested and tried warning the police, but Beera told him that this time he won’t escape as his grandson was against him. (Watch the confrontation here)

Beera told Mohan about Daddaji’s arrest, but Mohan was upset when he heard that the police was looking out for Addu. Mohan called Addu and told him that he could be saved, and asked him to meet. When Addu met Mohan at his house, Mohan tried to make hi give up his activities with a promise that he would be saved, but Addu refused to listen and left the house. (Watch as Mohan talks to Addu)

Meanwhile, Megha suddenly realized that Munna was her Addu because of all the concern that Mohan was showing for him, and rushed to Mohan’s house. The police cornered Addu to arrest him, but Addu tried to escape in a police jeep, thinking that Mohan had double-crossed him by calling the police. But he found Megha standing in front of the jeep, and he had to stop the jeep, and the police caught him. (Watch the scene here)

On the other hand, Nanhi tried to cheer up Rimjhim by telling her the story of how Spiderman came into their lives after the death of her father, but Rimjhim was in no mood to listen. 

Mohan tried to get Megha to back off, but she was adamant about getting Addu punished. She slapped Addu and revealed that she knew that he was her son, but was ashamed of all that he had done. She refused to believe that he was her Addu, and regretted the fact that she had waited for a person like him for 12 years. (Watch Megha’s pain here)

Addu was taken away, but was soon followed my Mohan, who reached the police station to bail Addu out. Addu was still suspicious about Mohan’s intentions, but later was convinced that Mohan had not called the police to arrest him. Mohan told him that he had not revealed his identity to Megha as he wanted her to meet her Addu, and not the criminal Munna.

Will Mohan’s care and love bring Addu back? Or will 12 years of hatred win over love?

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