Megha to spend the night at Mohan’s house!
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The further Megha wants to move away from Mohan, the closer destiny seems to bring her to him. And this will be evident once more, this time because of Rimjhim. We saw that Rimjhim fell violently sick because her dance teacher didn’t fulfil her promise of playing Holi with her. 

Mohan did go to fetch Rimjhim’s dance teacher, but was speechless when he found out that the teacher who Rimjhim wouldn’t stop raving about was none other than Megha. 

What will transpire is that Mohan will leave without Megha after their confrontation. On the other hand, Rimjhim’s health will deteriorate, causing a lot of stress for Mohan. But when he reaches home to check on his daughter, he will find Megha already taking care of her. 

Yes, that’s right, Megha will set aside all her negative thoughts about Rimjhim being Mohan’s daughter from another marriage (after Guru’s lie) and rush to the aid of her favourite student. 

But this is not all. Rimjhim’s health will still be a cause for concern, and to ensure that the little one gets better soon, Megha will stay over at Mohan’s place for the night. This is definitely a big step in Mohan and Megha’s relationship, as Megha has been avoiding spending too much time with Mohan in any of these meetings. But Mohan and Megha’s mutual concern for Rimjhim will make them live together for the first time in 12 years. 

In recent episodes, we have seem Rimjhim wishing for a new mother to make their family complete. Now with Rimjhim’s illness and her strange bond with Megha, she can unknowingly bring her Papu and Megha together. To know what Megha’s stay under the same roof as Mohan will mean for this estranged couple, you’ll have to stay tuned to the show!


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