Megha to find out Rimjhim’s truth!
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The fact that Megha still feels for Mohan after all these years was obvious by the heartbreak she faced when Guru told her that Mohan had remarried a woman named Meera after leaving Megha and the kids. She was heartbroken to know that the Rimjhim who reminded her of Addu was in fact, Mohan’s daughter.

But now it is time for Megha’s misunderstanding to be cleared as she will find out that Rimjhim is not Mohan’s biological daughter, but that he in fact, adopted her. Megha has been nursing Rimjhim back to health inspite of knowing that she is Mohan’s daughter till now. But her anger about Mohan living a new life with his wife and Rimjhim (which was Guru’s version) was visible in her not-so-friendly conversations with Mohan when she stayed over at his house. 

But these conversations made Guru regret his decision of lying to Megha about Mohan’s second marriage. He realized that Megha still cared for Mohan and Rimjhim, and that he ruined Mohan’s chances of patching up with Megha with his lie. 

But now Guru will step up for his Mohan bhaiya’s sake, and confess to Megha that he lied to her on the day of Holi. This will rid Mohan of Megha’s accusation that Mohan had moved on and married a second time after Addu’s disappearance. Mohan has already told Megha that the stories that Rimjhim had heard about her mother are about her and not another woman. And now, Megha will come to know that Mohan adopted an orphan Rimjhim and made her his jaan. 

With this development, Megha will realize how much Mohan has loved her all these years and her feelings towards Mohan will soften, too. But what this confession will cost Guru, remains to be seen. 


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