Megha to confront Addu over Mohan’s arrest!
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  • July 3, 2013
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As shown in Na Bole Tum-2 recently, Addu has delivered on his promise of making Mohan’s life hell within 24 hours by bringing the police to his doorstep. His accusations of Mohan running a kidnapping racket under the guise of Project Talaash have ensured that Mohan’s name and the good work that he’s done till now has been spoiled. 

Munna has also started his own smear campaign against Project Talaash, and will demand that the project which Mohan started to reunite kidnapped children with their parents be shut down. All these terrible developments will be very hard for Megha to bear, who had just gotten Mohan back after 12 years of separation. 

After Mohan’s arrest, he will be taken to the police station, where he will be put behind bars. Megha will try her best to get Mohan out of jail, but will fail as the charges against him are pretty serious. 

Since Navika and Beera too are on their honeymoon, Megha will be left to deal with this situation on her own. But without losing hope, she will be seen promising Mohan that she will ensure that he’s set free at the earliest. But even in this grim situation, Mohan will not tell Megha that their son Addu is responsible for him being publicly humiliated.

Needless to say, Addu, who wants Mohan and Megha to separate, will be very upset when he finds out that Megha is with Mohan every step of the way. Not just that, Megha will also confront Addu about getting Mohan arrested for no fault of his, and challenge him that she would be stand between him and Mohan whenever he tries to harm him.

And this confrontation between son and mother (who doesn’t know that this Addu is actually her son) will end with Megha slapping Addu for all his mischief! Talking about this scene, Aakanksha (Megha) says, ‘It was a very challenging scene as it was only between Kanwar (Addu) and me and was high on emotions. As for the slapping scene, I actually slapped Kanwar thrice in the close up shots to make it convincing. I felt bad about it, but mazaa bhi aaya!’

Now if this slap will make Addu see sense and help Mohan out, or will it increase his anti-Mohan feeling for turning his mother against him, will be something to watch out for. So don’t miss this powerful scene in Na Bole Tum-2!

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