Meethi in the spell of black magic? #Uttaran
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Past few weeks have been traumatic for Meethi as Nandini has entered to disrupt Akash and Meethi's marital life. Even though Akash loves Meethi dearly, still she's unsure and was last seen asking Akash if he would remarry if she dies early.

Completely taken aback by Meethi's questions, Akash answers as tenderly as possible but both don't know about Nandini's vicious plans. In a dramatic sequence we saw Nandini mix powder in Meethi's water which has casted the spell of black magic on Meethi!

Meethi will soon face the wrath of Nandini's hatred as the spell of black magic will make her try to kill herself, one too many times! In the first instance, Meethi tries to cut her own throat and at other times Meethi attacks her own image in the mirror. In all this chaos even Ekadish is said to get hurt!

With Meethi acting weird, Ekadish and Damini are both worried about her as they will soon realise that Meethi has been cursed. But can the two put an end to Meethi's misery and ward off all black magic? Or will Nandini succeed in her plans and Meethi will bring in death on herself?

Keep watching this space for all latest updates!

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