Meethi comes to know about Akash’s family #Uttaran Weekly Update – 21st Feb to 28th Feb
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The week began with Akash once again proving Mukta wrong. Everyone takes Akash’s side and Rathore decides to take Mukta away with him. The wedding continues and finally Meethi and Akash tie the knot.

The vidaai ceremony begins and Meethi and Ichcha share an emotional moment. Meethi requests her father to take care of Ichcha and breaks down before leaving home. Watch this emotional moment right here.

After the couple is sent away, Thakur family thinks over Mukta’s claims and wonder if there was any truth in it. Tapasya feels sad to lose her daughter and Divya tries to cheer her up. But it is Nani who brings up Mukta’s topic again and tries to instill doubt in everyone’s mind. Watch as Nani curses Meethi and family in this video.

Mukta and Rathore discuss Meethi’s fate and wonder how Akash managed to show the birthmark. Akash takes Meethi to a dhaba and reveals about his other family. He talks to her about his Maiyya and wishes that she would meet them once before leaving for honeymoon. Watch as Meethi gets to know more about Akash.

As Akash talks about his family, his Maiyya and other family members are introduced. Akash explains how in his village Aatishgarh, a lot of religious people live and his family are one of them. He fondly talks about his Maiyya and claims her to be the sweetest in family. She on the other hand is shown drowning a woman after getting irritated with her new bride attire. Meet Akash’s family right here.

Jogi Thakur and Veer go to meet Mukta in Rathore’s hotel and request her to come back home. They tell her to forget past issues and return home to her mother. But Mukta declines the offer and blames them for not trusting her when she was just trying to save Meethi’s life. She appreciates her father in believing her and chooses to stay with him. Watch their conversation in this video.

While on their way to the haveli, Meethi meets the woman who was attacked by Maiyya and comes to know that she’s coming from Aatishgarh. On enquiring further, Meethi is warned by the woman to stay away from the village and especially from the weird family that rules the place. Hearing this Meethi feels scared and doubts Akash. Watch this entire sequence here.

So, what’s next in store for Meethi? Will she able to accept Akash’s cruel family? Watch what’s going to happen next in this video!

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