Meet the new side of Om Swami
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  • October 30, 2016
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Om Swami has been one of the most entertaining contender in the Bigg Boss house since day one. And it goes without saying that the man can churn an argument into a funny joke for us to laugh at. 

While he may have gotten onto the nerves of the housemates at first, looks like he is coming along just fine. 



Tonight, comedy rockstars, Bharti Singh and Karan Wahi will make an appearance on the show. Both express their ardent love for the entertainment factor and ask Om Swami to do some new cool moves that he learnt in the house lately. You will be amazed when you see this…

PIC 29


PIC 32


PIC 34


Salman-super-amazing-Khan will also have some gigglish fun with Om Swami over a funny text message. But hold on, there are no phones in the house… then what is this all about? Watch it right here

PIC 21


PIC 54


Come what may, we are totally loving the cool dude Swami swagger! Catch the buzz tonight at 9PM on Bigg Boss, Weekend ka Vaar!

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