Meet the Entertainers of Big Boss House!
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  • November 15, 2014
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Has it been an overdose of just everything inside the house? No, because what I saw last gave me a feeling that slowly people have started acting strange and humorous! Ali who is always up with something or the other weird, had some chemical mismatch in his head when he ran upto Dimpy asking for a lipstick! Dimpy simply surprised thinking whom was he asking for came to know that he needed for nobody but himself. I was about to fall due to vertigo to see him wearing red lipstick and singing songs non-stop! As usual Dimpy wanted to add her ideas, she suggested a hairband for him which had a cute bow! Good Dimpy! I guess if he would have tried that he would have looked like a baby! Cho cutee!


Yet another mimick was when Pritam tried enacting Sonali telling why does she say she cannot work in the garden. He said from no angle she looks and behaves like a girl *Khi Khi Khi* Half of the time either she will give dhamki or loiter around like a gunda, he teased her for her body language! Well I don’t know about Sonali but Pritam looking at you behaving funny, my day surely gets made!


Actually these scenarios are often to be seen towards the weekend when they exhaust all their power in fights, tasks, fights, bitching, more fights, and duties and did I mention fights?



Meet Salman Khan tonight at 9 pm!



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