Meet Heer, the bride! An emotional moment at the Hark house!
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  • July 20, 2020
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Tonight in Shakti, we see how shocked Virat is after Preeto breaks the news of Heer being a kinner. Virat chooses to not believe them because according to him, their motive is to break Heer’s relation with him and avoid the wedding altogether. Speaking to Preeto and Harak, Virat tells them that he is aware of the fact that the family wants Heer to study and then get a good job that helps her become independent. And because the isn’t happening for Heer, they are against this wedding. While speaking to them, Virat gets a call from Heer. Preeto is worried as she doesn’t want Virat to tell her everything he just got to know. Will he? Meanwhile, back at home, Rohan, Soham and Hari are performing the choodah ceremony.

Later, Preeto and Harak reach home and Heer questions them about their whereabouts. She says that they’re way off their schedule and needs to get ready asap! While dressing her up, Preeto is super emotional as she gets flashes of Heer from her childhood. From protecting her to fulfilling all her wishes, Preeto is nothing but a mixed bag of emotions at the moment. When Heer’s brothers see her, they are also seen tearing up as looking at Heer as a brie reminds them about their childhood memories with Heer.

What’s next for them? Tune in to Shakti tonight at 8 pm to know more!



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