Mayura and Piyush plan a surprise for Omkar
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  • October 19, 2020
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On Pinjara, we last saw how Omkar takes a stand for Mayura when he hears Megha badmouthing her. She tries to instigate Omkar but her moves backfires and Omkar gives her a piece of his mind. Further, he even tells her that he will expose if she goes down the same road of speaking ill against Mayura. Will this make Megha give up on her agenda? Tonight, Mayura and Piyush surprise Omkar with a dance performance. Instead of being surprised, Omkar is jealous seeing the two of them together and of their friendship. Later, the two of them also leave together to buy dupattas for Kanya Pujan. While they’re at the store, they end up getting stuck ay the basement of the shop.

When Omkar learns about this, he runs there to rescue there but sees something and is shocked. Later, on Kanya Pujan day, he comes up with a plan and discusses the same with his mother Manjari. What is this plan about?


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