Marathe makes it tough for RK #Madhubala, Thursday 25th July, 2013
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Madhu wakes up with a start and gets worried whether the money has been arranged or no. They all with the confidence on Bittooji that he must have arranged for money leave for court. 

After reaching court they are not able to find Bittooji. All get worried. Patil starts with the proceedings and proves the character of Sultan who was a wanted criminal. Marathe laughs at whatever Patil says and starts proving RK wrong. Madhu gets really annoyed at  Marathe. By the time Bittooji enters and Madhu is relieved to see him. During the break Madhu and Bittooji meet Marathe and give him his money and expect that at least now Marathe would weaken the case and not talk against RK. 

But things don't happen accordingly and Marathe calls Bittooji in the witness box. He asks him questions in which Bittooji ends up talking against RK unknowingly.

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