Manveer- Monalisa- Manu’s bonding seems to be shaking on Bigg Boss 10!
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  • December 1, 2016
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Tonight, Manveer and Monalisa get into an argument over throwing the test tube of Gaurav’s name. Monalisa has Gaurav’s test tube and Manveer is asking her to throw it. However, Monalisa isn’t willing to do so because Gaurav has Manu’s test tube and Monalisa feels that if she throws Gaurav’s test tube, he may in turn throw away Manu’s test tube. This leads to an argument between Monalisa and Manveer.


PIC 39


PIC 49


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Manveer talks a bit rudely with Monalisa and Manu has to intervene. This upsets Manveer and Monalisa ends up breaking down.


PIC 58


PIC 57


It is hard to believe that the trio that has seen some best moments on Bigg Boss 10 together is now fighting among each other. To know what happens next, tune in to Bigg Boss 10 at 10.30PM tonight!

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