Manveer hurts himself during captaincy task with Gaurav on Bigg Boss 10!
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Tonight, Gaurav and Manveer paint the house in their colour! After all, that’s the task to decide who will be the next captain in Bigg Boss house.


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A huge canvas is put up in the garden area. Both contenders have to paint the same canvas with their respective colour, yellow for Manveer and blue for Gaurav. The one, whose colour will be more ‘seen’ on the canvas, becomes the next captain.


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Swami Om tells Gaurav that Manveer might get aggressive during the task and that Gaurav should be careful, while on the other hand, Lopamudra suggests Manveer that he could mix his colour with Gaurav’s colour so that it isn’t seen on the canvas. Nitibha advises him not to take any extreme step and change the way housemates think about him.


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After all planning and plotting, both contenders start painting and there comes a point when there’s no more space on the canvas. Manveer has clearly painted over three fourth of canvas yellow and to get back in the game, Gaurav starts painting with blue on the yellow. Manu and Lopamudra criticize Gaurav for his behavior but he continues to do what he wants. The task starts getting rather aggressive and Manveer slips and falls, hurting himself.


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Will he be able to get back in the game? Or will Gaurav win the task and become the next captain? Tune in to Bigg Boss 10 for full scoop.

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