Manu’s inspiring life story unravels on Bigg Boss 10 tonight!
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  • October 27, 2016
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Tonight on Bigg Boss 10 Om Swami casually teases Manu saying that he should be in Hollywood. The conversation takes a serious overtone when Manu says that he never had money. Manu who is otherwise cheery gets a bit emotional after broaching this subject.






He lost his father 9 years ago. The huge family of 9 people got totally disturbed after the demise of only earning member. The responsibility fell upon Manu. His family somehow managed to send him to Dubai. But Manu was unable to adjust there and wanted to come back. His mother felt disappointed by his decision and shared her sentiment with him. Upon knowing that his mother is not happy about him coming back, Manu decided not to return home till he achieves something in life. He used to sleep on roads until he met a kind hearted Dhabawala who allowed Manu to sleep there. Manu used to sob through the night not knowing what lay ahead of him.





Now we know from where Manu gathers his fighting spirit! Don’t miss Bigg Boss 10 tonight at 10.30PM to hear full story of Manu!

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