Manish kisses Karan on stage!
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  • August 3, 2013
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Yes, that really happened on Jhalak. The affection between Manish and Karan Johan is no secret to the world. The duo’s verbal fights and teasing on the sets of Jhalak are now known to the world. But this weekend, the judge and host of Jhalak will be seen taking their mutual admiration to another level as Mansih plants a kiss on Karan’s cheeks. 

What’s more, this will happen not on Manish’s, but Karan’s demand! Till now, Manish has been the one to try and gain Karan’s attention with his wisecracks, and sometimes, uncalled for pelvic thrusts during an impromptu performance. Remember the time when Manish’s weird yoga poses made Karan Johar quip that Manish’s version was more ‘Yo-gay’ than ‘Yoga’? 

But all of this is a thing of the past, because Karan Johar will finally declare that Manish has wanted to give him a ‘pappi’ (kiss) from the beginning of the season! What will happen is, after Sana’s brilliant aerial act, Manish will be up to his usual antics of flirting with Sana. And then Karan Johan will drop the bomb about Manish wanting to peck Karan. 

And Manish, always eager to add that extra bit of fun to the proceedings, will go ahead and do Karan’s bidding and kiss him on the cheek! We wonder what Madhuri, whose ‘pallu’ Manish keeps handling, will have to say about that. 

So don’t miss this epic ‘Kissa Kiss Ka’ on Jhalak this weekend! 

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