Mangal dosh on Dhamini? Will Shani and Dhamini’s wedding get called off?
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Shani’s story will take an exciting turn this week, as Mahakaali gives blessings to Shani and the haldi ceremony happens. The moment Mangal touches the haldi he accepts the truth that he wanted to take over Surya’s throne. Surya dev gets extremely angry on knowing this!







On the other hand Indra tries to misbehave with Dhamini by trying to apply her haldi. Shani comes and stops him and tells him that if he tries to touch the haldi, all his truth would come out. Indra steps behind.







More in the episodes this week we will see how Mangal is angry over Indra. Shani’s wedding celebration starts however he looks worried and Chhaya notices it. Chitrarath welcomes Shani’s baraat. In the meanwhile Mangal is planning a yagya to destroy Shani’s life. Indra tries to stop Mangal but he doesn’t. Mahadev gets to see this. As Dhamini’s kanyadaan is in progress Mangal puts the final aahuti. Mahadev appears and Mangal asks him for a vardaan. It’s shown in the flashback that once Mangal who was young then got blessings from Mahadev that in future if ever he will be in a problem Mahadev will save him.







The moment the pheras are about to begin, Shani suddenly stops and leaves the mandap. Next we see a face-off between Mangal and Shani. Shani tries entering the kundali but is unable to because of Mahadev’s blessings and here Mangal is about to complete his yagya. Mahadev asks Shani to attack him in order to stop the yagya, but Shani refuses to do the same.





Later Mangal reveals that the yagya was never for Shani but for Dhamini, and that he put Mangal dosh in her kundali. So this means, whoever marries Dhamini will get destroyed!





Everyone gets stunned!



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