Malishka’s ‘Bajate Raho’ alarm!
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  • January 10, 2013
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  • 1:55 pm

With some new and innovative wake-ups each morning, the housemates have now been used to starting their day with a jolt each morning. Whether it is the millennium clock and the voting trends one morning, or the live Brass Band the other day, Bigg Boss is making housemante's stay in the house for the last week a memorable experience. In tonight's episode the housemates will be seen waking up to RJ Malishka's voice. While everyone was zapped not knowing what to say, Imam immediately took up the task and began his conversation with Malishka even before the other housemates gathered senses. When it came to Rajev and Urvashi answering questions that Malishka was asking, Imam did not give them a chance to talk and immediately popped his nose in and instead spoke for them. Seeing this, the two lost their cool on Imam and while he was talking, Urvashi started imitating him which resulted in Imam walking out of the room. This was when Malishka stepped in and asked Imam to step back inside the house and sit with his co-contestants and finish his conversation with her. 

All it takes is a little spark to results into a huge rant between the housemates and Imam. Wonder what will happen after two days when all of them will meet each other outside the Bigg Boss house!

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