Major showdown between Shani and Hanuman this week!
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As per the plan of Indra and Rahu this week, Shani will be killed in three steps. The third one would include a major fight between Hanuman and Shani that will lead to the death of Shani.




What more we will get to see is that how Hanuman would almost get shraap (curse) at Matang aashram by a Rishi during the yagna that will happen. Right in time Shani will reach the scene and stop this from happening. Later Shani would explain Hanuman the importance of karmas. On the other hand Sumali will be influenced by Rahu against Shani.




On the other hand there will be a celebration in the Suryalok after Simhika’s story ends as everything will be fine once again.




Further in the story there would be a rift between Shani and Hanuman because of Sumali. At one place where Shani would believe that Sumali should be punished because of his wrong deeds, Hanuman would take Sumaali’s side saying he deserves another chance because of his bhakti. The misunderstandings and argument would increase between the two friends.





At one of the instances when Chandra dev doesn’t rise and the water level starts rising, the village is about to get flooded, Kaakol expresses his surprise at this. Hanuman assures Chandra dev that he wouldn’t let Shani put his ‘vakra drishti’ at him.




Finally when Shani and Hanuman would confront each other, their verbal fight will lead them attacking each other physically.

As per Mahadev’s prediction the fight between the two friends will bring in massive trouble!

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