Mahakaali: Will Kaartikeya realize the main purpose of his birth?
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Last week we saw how Parvati handed over Kaartikeya to Kritika with a heavy heart, yet due to compassion. This week the story on Mahakaali will take a serious turn.




Kaartikeya will be attacked by Taarkasur and other asuras, but just then Mahakaali would come and shield Kaartikeya. On questioning his mother why was he saved by Mahakaali, Parvati will be seen telling him that’s because she is his mother, Parvati would ask him to come along to Kailash. Kaartikeya would refuse initially but after Kritika and Parvati make him understand he would eventually go with Parvati.




On Kailash after being greeted by everyone Kaartikeya would come to know from Mahadev that his creation has happened to kill the asura ‘Taarkasur.’ But Kaartikeya would straightaway refuse telling that he has nothing to do with asuras and he wouldn’t kill anybody unnecessarily. On seeing this, Parvati will get furious and scold Kaartikeya for such behavior towards his father, she would even ask Nandi to take him back.




Later on, Mahadev would ask Parvati to calm down and will be seen making her understand that she is his mother, and that it’s her duty to bring their son on the right path.

In the meanwhile Taarkasur will be seen plotting against all the devs, planning to kill them. Parvati would ask Indra to make Kaartikeya aware about his duty and make him join the war. Indra would do the same but once again Kaartikeya would refuse!




What will happen after that? Taarkasur can only get killed by Kaartikeya, who will make him understand this?

To know the full story tune into ‘Mahakaali’ coming weekend.

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