Mahakaali to get trapped this weekend!
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  • January 4, 2018
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Last we saw on Mahakaali how Ganga considers herself responsible for whatever happened between Parvati and Mahadev, she requests Mahadev for one opportunity to make things better. On the other hand Mahadev senses the intention of Mall and Mani, he states they will have to bear the consequences of their actions.





This week we will see how Kaali realizes the bhakti of Mani. Mall will make most of this opportunity and would be successful in getting her inside the yantra. As soon as Kaali will enter the yantra, Mall will be seen asking Mani to seal the yantra in order to trap Kaali.





The moment Kaali will enter the yantra Mahadev will sense this and know that she has called him.





Later in the episode we will also see how a huge asur sena comes in the forefront to fight with Mahadev after knowing he is coming to release Mahakaali. But all the efforts of the asurs go in vain.








To know what happens after Mahakaali and Mahadev come face to face tune into ‘Mahakaali’ on Sat and Sun at 7 PM! 

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