Mahakaali: Parvati to step on Mahadev once again?
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The story of Mahakaali will get more engrossing this weekend as Andhak gives a pot to Parvati saying it contains the remains of his wife. He requests Parvati to resurrect her.  Initially Parvati refuses to do so but later on agrees and performs a yagya for the same. It’s Andhak’s trick as Diti, who is standing on the cliff is eagerly waiting to see her sons back to life.





At the end of the yagya, seven energies of Parvati combine with the ashes and form a Shankti punj. Immediately after that, Parvati faints and the Shakti Punj reaches Diti. The moment Diti touches the punj Shumbh, Nisumbh, Tarkasur and Mahisasur appear. Diti tells them that now Mahakaali won’t be able to stop them and hence they can avenge the Gods. As soon as Parvati regains consciousness she takes a fistful of ashes and sees what happened. She gets extremely angry on Andhak and is ready to punish him, she tries to transform into Mahakaali but is unable to do so.





Shumbh, Nisumbh, Tarkasur and Mahisasur start the destructions everywhere and head towards Kailash. There is a moment when Shumbh and Parvati come face to face. Shumbh humiliates Parvati for not being able to transform into Kaali. Parvati then touches Mahadev’s trishool and recalls a moment when once she had stepped on him. Mahadev tells that it’s Parvati’s ultimate test and once again she will have to step on him to break her own limitations. Parvati gets stunned to hear this!





What will Parvati do?



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