Mahakaali: Parvati gets enraged after sensing the presence of a woman around Mahadev.
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This weekend on ‘Mahakaali’ the heavenly deities will realize their mistake of disrespecting food, that is a roop of ‘Annapurna’. All of them will reach out to Matangi mata along with Ganesh and Kartikeya. Ganesh will request mata for forgiveness but all the efforts will go in vain. On his return Mahadev notices Ganesh sad and asks him about the same. Further Mahadev makes a promise to Ganesh saying he will bring his mother back to Kailash.





On the other hand Mall and Mani realize the presence of Mahakaali and Mani decides to go to her. He reaches out to Matangi mata and offers her the same joothan which was given to him by Mall but nothing happens to him as he thought, he leaves in disappointment.





Next we see Mahadev in his Maatangeshwar roop, he comes along with Ganesh and other devtaas to meet Parvati. Parvati tells him she can sense the presence of another woman around him, and Mahadev tells her that it’s Ganga in his jata. Parvati gets really furious on knowing this. Fuming in anger she says she would not return to Kailash until she has dissolved all her anger.





Mahadev tries to make Parvati understand asking not to let her anger overpower her and not to transform into Kaali.



Will Parvati listen to Mahadev? What’s the purpose of Ganga being in Mahadev’s jata?



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