Mahakaali: Parshuram attacks Ganesh.
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The story of Mahakaali this weekend will explain us how Ganesh got another name as ‘Ekdanth.’






As per the tale, Parshuram get flashes of the destruction in the world hence decides to visit Kailash to meet Parvati and Mahadev. In the meanwhile, Ganesh informs Mahadev and Parvati that he could sense the rise of anger in the universe that might create a problem in the future. Mahadev and Parvati after listening to Ganesh decide to get into Sadhna. Mahadev even tells Kartikeya and Ganesh that nobody should disturb them whilst they are in Sadhna.



Parshuram reaches Kailash and his way is blocked by Kartikeya and Ganesh. Parshuram feels impure after Ganesh touches him. He decides to go to Mansarovar and warns both of them that he doesn’t want to see them once he is back. After this, Kartikeya tells Ganesh the backstory of Parshuram. Ganesh decides to win Parshuram’s heart with love.






Once Parshuram comes back Ganesh offers him Modak. Parshuram not only throws it but also challenges him saying he must fight with him in order to stop him from meeting Mahadev. Parshuram hits Ganesh with his weapon and the latter loses a tusk! What happens after that?


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