Mahakaali: Maartand and Mhalsa to get married this weekend.
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This weekend Mall and Mani will continue their search for Mahakaali. Mall will bring Mani to an isolated place that will help them find Mahakaali.





On the other side, Mhalsa would question her mother on the extra food she is cooking, her mother would respond saying the food is for the guests who are visiting them. Later it would gets revealed that the guests are Maartand and Ganga. Mhalsa doesn’t feel happy to see Maartand around Ganga. Ganga asks for permission to serve food to Maartand and Mhalsa, and after everyone agrees she offers them food with all the love and affection.



Mhalsa feels angry when Maartand saves Ganga during a fight. The moment Mhalsa gets angry Mall and Mani trace her location.



Further in the episode we will also witness how Maartand seeks Mhalsa’s father’s permission to get married to Mhalsa. Ganesh, Kaartikeya, Vishnu and Laxmi take human form in order to help the two getting married.





Mall and Mani come too close to Mhalsa.



We will then see how Mahadev puts his hand on Mhalsa’s forehead and makes her recall everything!



Wouldn’t you want to know what happens next?



Stay tuned for Mahakaali, Sat-Sun at 7 PM!

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