Mahakaali: Jalandhar prepares for a war against Mahadev.
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This weekend on Mahakaali, Jalandhar will fight against all deities. Indra, who would be worried about his throne would confront Jalandhar but all his efforts will go in vain. He would then pray to Mahakaali to come and save him. Ushana on the other hand would warn Jalandhar about this, he would ask him to leave the battleground but Jalandhar would refuse to do so.





On seeing Jalandhar, an aggressive Mahakaali would all of a sudden start having flashes of Mahadev and somehow wouldn’t be able to behead him. Jalandhar would also feel the same kind of energy emanating from Mahakaali that he felt when he saw Parvati.



Later we will see how Jalandhar starts preparing himself for a war against Mahadev by taking an Agni-Samadhi.






Ushana and Samudra dev would intensely watch Jalandhar coming out of Agni-Samadhi as Mahadev lookalike. Jalandhar would then mention the purpose behind his birth; he would decide to kill Indra first.



A major battle between Jalandhar and Indra would follow after that. You need to watch the weekend episodes to know who wins this battle.



Also do witness how Jalandhar approaches Vrinda with a marriage proposal.





During one of the events Parvati would realize that Jalandhar insulted Mahadev and this would trigger her anger.



What happens after this? Watch in the upcoming episodes.



Mahakaali – Sat & Sun at 7 PM.

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