Mahadev to tell the story of ‘Sati’ this weekend on ‘Mahakaali.’
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Continuing from where the episode ended last weekend, we will see Mahadev putting Parvati at ease by telling her that he is there to answer all her questions that have been bothering her for long.





Parvati will be in a state of shock after knowing that ‘Sati’, Mahadev’s first wife was none other than Parvati herself in the previous birth. Mahadev will take her through the history telling how the end of Sati was actually the beginning of a new story.





This weekend we will see Mahadev narrating Parvati what happened in the past.  In addition, how mata Parvati has a connection with Sati. As per the narration, Mahadev met Sati for the first time in a forest where he saved her life. Sati got truly impressed by him, and married Shiva going against her father, King Daksha. Later, Daksha organized a yagna in which he invited all the heavenly deities and gods excluding Shiva and Sati. This made Sati really upset, she decided to visit the palace and confront Daksha despite Mahadev stopping her not to do so.

At the palace Sati got humiliated instead of being greeted. Due to this, Sati set herself a blaze using her divine power. Shiva after knowing this got infuriated.





Then we will see the formation of ‘Bhadrakaali’. Together Shiva and Bhadrakaali will send ‘Veerbhadra’ to kill Daksha.


We will witness how in past, Shiv in a devastated state took Sati’s body in his arms that got cut into pieces later.





After listening to the entire story Parvati would insist Mahadev on taking her back to Kailash, but Shumbh Nishumbh are already making plans to separate Paravati from Shiva.


What will happen next?


Mahakaali’s story will get more intriguing from here on!


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