Madhu’s next test #Madhubala 15th Oct 2013
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Pabbo is about to leave for the balkeshwar caves, when RK stops her and asks her to accompany him for breakfast. Pabbo gets stuck. Meanwhile Deepali manages to release the rats as per plan. Madhu reaches and gets scared to see the rats. However she is reminded of Pabbos words that she cannot fail the nivaraan this time. At the same time an electrician planted by Kukku and Amar manages to fiddle with the wires at RK’s set and just when RK is about to question him Simmi and her mom comes to him to request him for the role, he manages to evade them and refers them to another director. Meanwhile Madhu manages to slowly conquer her fears and prepares to chant the mantra told by Pabbo. 

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