Madhu’s life is a chaos #Madhubala 23rd Oct 2013
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Mehul is furious when he learns that Madhu walked out of the sets because of the sleazy headlines in the papers. He lambasts RK and tells him that if this is the rate at which they function then there is no way they are going to complete the film. He threatens to quit if Madhu loses focus in the film. He tells RK that ever since they started shooting both of them have been burdened with their domestic problems thereby affecting the shoot. Pabbo instigates Radha and tells her that this years she doubts if Madhu will keep the karwa chauth vrat. Radha tells her that for Madhu, the rituals of this house will not change. Madhu tries to reason with radha about the pictures, but she refuses to listen . RK storms into the house and confronts Madhu. He tells her that he tried his best to make her feel comfortable, but if she still cannot behave professionally that’s not his problem. He tells her that she cant get affected about these things as it’s a part and parcel of being a superstar. Madhu retorts back saying that she is as much a bahu of the house as she is the heroine of his film and she will have to juggle both responsibilities equally well. Next morning Madhu is shocked to know that Radha has not kept sargi for her. She later tells everyone that she has kept the karwachauth fast. RK is shocked 

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