Madhubala’s new problem #Madhubala
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  • May 9, 2014
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Problems seem to be not ending for Madhubala as she comes out of one and lands in another. Recently Raju got his memory back and his behaviour towards Madhu has changed which she doesn’t approve of. Although  Raju did help her in escaping the wicked trap of Abhay Kapoor and get her out of his house but now he seems to be making her life all the more difficult. After the whole fiasco, Raju who is now Raja, forcefully took Madhu to his house where he has his Daadaji who seems to be a dictator of the village and who taught Raja how to use a gun at a very tender age. Raja swears by his Daadaji and confessed Madhu that his Daadaji is everything for him. Madhu is now scared looking at this new Raja who seems to have lost his innocence which Madhu initially fell for. It’s a going to be a new beginning for Madhu as Raja’s wife. What is in store for her we will soon get to know but yes all we can say is its not going to be easy for her. Will she be able to get Raja on the right path? Will they ever be together as a husband and wife and be in love all their life? All these questions will be answered as the story will unfold further. Till then seems like Madhu only has her ‘Pyaare Kanha ka sahara’!


Keep watching Madhubala and hang on to this space for more updates!

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