Madhu will take care of Bebe #Madhubala 3rd March 2014
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  • March 3, 2014
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Madhu is coming back after purchasing vegetables, thinking how to arrange for money for Deeda. While she is walking a car his her and all the vegetables fall off on the road. She starts picking them up when Abhay comes out of the car and sees her. Abhay asks Madhu about the phone She tells him , she sold it for deeda. Abhay offers Madhu job of looking after Bebe. Madhu asks Abhay to stop away from the house. As she is walking towards her house she sees Bittoo coming towards her. Bittoo offers to drop her to the car. Madhu panics. Abhay asks Nihkil to take care of Bebe's medicine which he has called for her. Madhu sits on the passenger seat and calls Abhay a driver. Abhay is shocked about being called a driver. Madhu is ready with her explanation but Abhay is annoyed. Servant gives Bebe’s medicines to Nikhil. Nikhilhides Bebe’s medicines in Dolly’s room.

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