Madhu welcomes Pabbo #Madhubala 17th September
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  • September 17, 2013
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After the guard calls up Madhu and tells her about the incident between Pabbo and Deepali, Madhu goes outside to know what’s happening. She tries to convince Pabbo, thinking that she is a fan, to come tomorrow morning and meet RK. But Pabbo is adamant and refuses to leave.  While this conversation was happening between the two, Madhu notices the wounds on Pabbo’s feet. Pabbo went to Siddhivinayak barefoot which has caused some severe wound, Madhu notices this and gets her in. Being the Madhu she is, her heart didn’t allow her to leave an elderly person unattended, without food and medication. Being hospitable Madhu very well takes care of Pabbo ending up in impressing her. Pabbo asks Madhu about the rounds in the magazines regarding RK, to which Madhu replies they are all just rumours and RK’s straightforwardness is mistaken as his arrogance. The next morning Pabbo wakes up and finds Madhu, sleeping right beside her foot. She wakes up and heads to the washroom. Meanwhile RK enters and seeing Madhu sleeping this way he is amused and enquires about the matter. Madhu informs RK about her fan and what all happened. The drama unveils when Pabbo comes back and is greeted by RK, who is equally happy and surprised by seeing her. 

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