Madhu signs the divorce papers #Madhubala, Saturday, 10th August, 2013
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Madhu wakes up next morning , there is a smile on her face looking at RK but again gets flashes of sultan and wakes up with a start. RK tries asking her the reason for her behavior but they get interrupted by Radha who tells Madhu that she had been to the temple as she now wants everyone to live happily.

While having breakfast RK notices that Madhu isn't eating properly so he makes her sit after everyone is done with their breakfast and makes her eat. Inspector Joshi comes and takes him along as his bail has been cancelled.

Madhu is shocked but she knows the person responsible for this. She decides to sign the divorce papers before Sultan creates more problems for RK. While signing the divorce papers Madhu gets emotional and breaks down. She musters up courage and calls up Bittooji and tells him she wants to meet RK.


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