Madhu saves Dipali #Madhubala 3rd September
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  • September 3, 2013
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Joshi blames Deepali for being involved in the plan with Sultan seeing this Madhu defends her as she feels if she had to do something like that she wouldn't have alerted everyone by pointing it out in the first place. Even RK agrees to what Madhu says. Deepali feels obliged with the gesture made by Madhu and RK. RK tells Madhu that he has taken care of Aryan and Meeraji. In return Madhu looks at him with utmost respect and love. Deepali is very annoyed as she was being grateful to Madhu and tells Sikki that what all happened was a mere show off. Madhu cant find her mangalsutra and is all hyper and tensed. Meanwhile it is seen that RK has taken care of it and has repaired it and now he makes her wear it and also puts sindhoor. Madhu gets emotional with the affectionate behavior of RK. Bittooji comes and tells them that they have been called for puja by Radha, and that Radha wants Rk and Madhu to do the puja. In the middle of the puja, Amar behl barges in and speaks to RK very rudely which annoys him, then to he keeps his calm but the raised voice of Behl starts to annoy RK, it was heights and RK lost his cool and slapped Amar when he went over to accuse Madhu of her character. Amar behl leaves in anger and challenges RK to destroy his career. RK is left fuming in anger.

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