Madhu saves Bebe #Madhubala 4th March 2014
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Bebe is breathless. All the family members panic and look for her medicine. Servant informs the he gave the medicine to Nikhil. Nikhil on the other hand blocks the lift. Abhay and Madhu are at the lobby, waiting for the lift to come down. Dolly is accusing Nikhil about the medicine. Meanwhile the nurse writes new prescription of medicines and sends the servant to get it. Dolly informs Abhay about Bebe’s condition hearing which Abhay is tensed. He along with Madhu climbs the stairs to reach Bebe. Bebe's nose starts bleeding. Madhu tells abhay that she knows how to stop the nose bleeding, but abhay is little skeptical and he goes out to get a doctor. Madhu helps Bebe and asks her to breath from her mouth and soon Bebe’s condition becomes better. By then doctor comes in and appreciates Madhu's effort even Dolly appreciates Madhu. Madhu explains that something like this had happened with her Deeda as well so that’s why she knows how to manage a situation like this. Nikhil enters pretending to be unaware 

Dolly accuses Nikhil for being careless but Nikhil puts the blame back on Dolly. Abhay asks everyone to shut up. Abhay declares that Madhu will be with Bebe all the time henceforth.

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