Madhu knows about KRK? #Madhubala 17th January 2014
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After all this jail drama KRK starts feeling guilty and he vows that he will not hurt anybody in the family.  KRK comes out in the hall Bittu and Madhu notices KRK and his teeka. He quickly covers up saying that he was practicing his role for his new film. Bittuji starts enquiring about this film KRK tells Bittuji that take holiday and read all scripts. As KRK come out in the lobby Deepali comes there and tells RK that she wants a lift till a certain place. Sikki also comes there and asks for money from KRK as his car is not working. Deepali interrupts saying Siki is lying and he wants money for drinking. KRK reaches the set and he is surprised to see everything. KRK refuses to wear shoot clothes and  calls Bhujang . Shooting starts, director explains the scene to KRK but he does exactly opposite. He is supposed to not dance in the scene but he does. KRK is back home and he sees Madhu is not feeling well as she has high fever. Madhu goes in washroom and KRK’s phone rings.  Bhujang tells KRK that he found someone in jail who is going to kill RK. KRK tells Bhujang not to kill RK Bhujang  gets annoyed an hangs up the phone and we reveal madhu standing there in front of him. 

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