Madhu is left homeless #Madhubala, 7th March, 2014
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Madhu says sorry to Abhay and he feels she has realised her mistake but soon realises she's actually clueless about the reason of his irritation. Leela gets to know from Radha that Madhu has got an increment in her salary and this makes her furoius. She feels Madhu is maligning her reputation and she always mistook her to be a simple and innocent girl.
At Abhay's home Ayesha and Bebe discuss abotu Abhay's marriage when Madhu enters. She complains about Abhay always being angry with her. Bebe muses about how a special chai would cool off Abhay and this gives Madhu an idea.

She prepares a special chai for Abhay and leaves it in his room. when Abhay finds it he misunderstands and assumes Bebe has made it. This upsets him and he wonders what Madhu is doing if Bebe is working in kitchen.

Bebe, Ayesha and Madhu are discussing Abhay's marriage when he comes to scold her. He shouts on her for being irresponsible but eventually Bebe asks him to stop and clarifies the situation. Abhay feels emabrassed and offers to leave Madhu home.

When Madhu reaches home Leela stops her at the door. She insults her in front of everyone and throws her out of the house. Madhu sits alone outside the chawl and cries but no one comes forward to help.

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