Madhu identifies Sultan’s body #Madhubala 20th July, 2013
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Everyone is shocked when Inspector stops RK from signing the bail papers. He says that he found Sultan's dead body. RK is again put in the jail and at the same time Madhu leaves to identify the body. She reaches the morgue and when she sees the body , she is shocked as it is sultan's body. She could see her last hope of seeing RK out of jail going away. She comes home and Bittooji calls her up saying that everything would be fine as he spoke to the Lawyer. 

Next day there is a buzz in the city about RK being a murderer. Madhu with Bittooji and Lawyer reaches the police station. RK narrates the entire accident to the Lawyer and after listening to him the lawyer says its an open and shut case. We could see a smile on everyone's face as they could still see some hopes. 

Although later on they get to know that Shivdutt Marathe is going to fight the case against RK. Lawyer Shivdutt Marathe is known for fighting cases against celebrities as he just dislikes them. 

At Night, we see RK and Madhu really upset as they both are missing each other and are scared even with the thought of living without each other. 

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