Madhu helps RK #Madhubala 12th September
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  • September 12, 2013
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Madhu is annoyed with the arrogance and rudeness Mehul has shown. She now snaps back saying that if he dislikes the industry he should have put in some efforts to make it worth appreciating rather than running away like a coward. She doesn’t stop here, she goes on giving him a little piece of mind and informing him and she was born and brought up here, and knows the industry inside out, this is much more than anything. This leaves Mehul thoughtful. With the kind of conversation she had with Mehul, she feels discomforted and heads home on the way she bumps into RK, who takes her home and looking at how stressful her wife looked, makes in effort to comfort her. On realizing that Madhu was right about everything, he comes home to meet her and informs that he is ready to be back and get it working.  Mehul agrees to direct a film for RK with the only condition that there won’t be any intervention and things would work his way. But how can our superstar allow someone else to be at the driving seat, though RK is miffed with the fact, Madhu convinces him to take it as it last chance. Madhu being the mediator sort things out between RK and Mehul and it seems the sail is on for both these guys.

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