Madhu gets attacked! #Madhubala
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  • May 22, 2014
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  • 6:42 pm

Madhu has been having a hard time settling in Raja’s ancestral home. Raja’s family has been making her go through old rituals and has even done her Shuddhi once. All this hassle has made Madhu uncomfortable and Raja is trying his best to make her feel better.

And following on his husband duties, Raja recently asked Madhu out to watch a dancer perform. While Madhu hesitated in the beginning, he managed to drag her for the dancer’s show. But Raja’s brother-in-law Bhanu has planned something vicious for Madhu. In the upcoming episodes, in the Kaali Pooja he plans to attack Madhu and kill her once and for all!

When Bhanu asks Madhu to attend the puja Madhu on insistence agrees to it not knowing his real intentions behind it. 

We believe with Raja by her side nothing will harm Madhu as he always makes sure to save her from harm. But will Bhanu overpower Raja’s efforts this time and end Madhu’s life? Or will Kaali Maa’s blessings save our beloved Madhu? Keep watching this space to know latest updates!

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